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Welcome to Carytown Optometry

Dr. Benjamin Gates, OD of Carytown Optometry is a Richmond local who provides comprehensive quality eye care. As an optometrist in Carytown he has earned a reputation for excellence in prescribing glasses and contact lenses as well as in diagnosis and management of eye diseases and disorders. We invite you to visit Carytown Optometry in Richmond to come see why we are "the clear choice for better vision".

Your vision is perhaps the most vital of all your senses. It's your window to the world around you, which is why your vision eye care needs to be as detailed and as accurate as it can be. It's also why the optometrist you choose should be focused on the health of your eyes as well as the accuracy of your vision correction and the quality of your contact lenses. The goal of Carytown Optometry is to serve our patients by helping them with their personal eye health and providing them with professional care. We believe that healthy eyesight is vital to a high quality of life.

Your visit to the optometrist should be pleasant and informative, not painful or stressful. Dr. Benjamin Gates, OD strives to provide a positive experience for every patient he sees. A patient should never feel rushed, or as if they received less-than-optimal care. Also, we believe that patients should not have to wait for hours, as they do at some of the larger practices in the area. We provide eye care, examinations, and corrective lenses for children and adults.

Board Certified Optometrist Dr. Gates specializes in treating and referring red eyes, floaters, macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic eyes, dry eyes, and eye injuries. Carytown Optometry provides comprehensive eye testing using state-of-the-art equipment such as a retinal camera, a high-definition screen for acuity testing, and automated refraction, keratometry, and tonometry.

Get to know Dr. Benjamin Gates, OD of Carytown Optometry and enjoy his videos online of contact lenses, reading glasses, pediatric eye exams and more. See you soon. Schedule an appointment today!



Board Certified Optometrist Dr. Benjamin Gates, OD is a lifelong resident of the Richmond area. Ben grew up in Chesterfield County, Virginia where he attended Monacan High.


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Carytown Optometry serves Virginia families by providing comprehensive eye care to patients of all ages and provides examinations for eyeglasses and contact lenses.


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Dr. Gates is an optometrist who specializes in toric and multifocal contact lens fits and will work with you to find the right contact lenses based on your personal visual needs.


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Experience the Carytown Optometry difference by contacting us for an eye examination today to ensure accurate vision correction and quality contacts.


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